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Colorado's climate can be challenging for all skin types, whether your skin condition is acne, oily, dry or sensitive facials will help decongest, balance and allow the skin to function at it's best, while remaining healthy and help fight the the appearance of pre-mature aging. Knowledgeable Aesthetician's  with an expertise in facials make Salon on the Boulevard the perfect place to treat your face. A customized facial treatment that begins with deep pore cleansing followed by exfoliation, extractions and a mask completed by hydration.


One hour deep cleansing facial

$ 90 & up

Ninety Minute facial

$105 & up


Exfolitating treatment using sodium crystals to minimize fine lines, uneven skin tone, refresh dull skin, or

treat sun-damage.

   Per treatment


   Per treatment for 3


With one hour Facial



Integrative technique combines

Swedish, Deep tissue

and neuromuscular massage.

One Hour Massage


$110 & up

Ninety Minute Massage


$160 & up

Facial Add ons


$15 each 


(glycolic, lactic,

enzymatic, salicylic)

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1x1 Foam Texture - Oil to Foam Total Cleanser -.jpg
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